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Hourly rate
First hour: £40
Thereafter: £32
First hour: £60
Thereafter: £40

All prices are excluding VAT

Within our normal operating hours

8am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Outside our normal operating hours

5pm – 7am Monday to Friday, weekends & bank holidays


The following terms and conditions apply unless agreed otherwise prior to your booking.


How do I book?

We accept bookings via phone & email.


How do you calculate labour time?

When an engineer attends to your booking, they electronically ‘check in’ to your unique job on our software and ‘check out’ when they have completed the job or booking. Labour time is rounded and charged to the nearest 15 minute interval. ​Our minimum labour charge is 1 hour, unless it’s a return visit for the same job.


Do you charge for travel?

Yes. Sometimes our customers’ can be quite far away from us, so we do charge for travel time up to a maximum of 30 minutes. We only ever charge for the journey to your premises. Our vans are tracked using GPS to ensure any travel time we charge for is accurately calculated and most importantly, fair. We do charge for travel time if we need to retrieve parts up to a maximum of 1 hour, provided those parts are successfully fitted on the same day as the original booking.


What visits am I charged for?

We do not charge to provide a quotation or an estimate where that is the sole purpose of the visit. We do charge for our time if you ask us to investigate a problem.

If our engineer is unable to gain access to your premises during the time of a prearranged booking we reserve the right to charge for an aborted visit. Aborted visits are charged as per our standard pricing model, up to a maximum of 1 hour.   


Does your work come with any warranty?

Yes. If something we supplied & fitted becomes faulty or breaks within the first 12 months then we will repair or replace it completely free of charge. This excludes accidental / malicious damage and force majeure. 


Can I supply my own materials?

Of course! but, we won’t manage the warranty. That means if it stops working, we will charge for our time to replace it; depending on the circumstances.

How do I pay?

We will email or post your invoice to you once your job is complete. You can pay online using the secure link in the email, by bank transfer or cheque.

Some jobs can run for several weeks or months so we do send interim invoices as an contribution towards our own costs. We do require these to be settled within a reasonable amount of time.


Do you do Plumbing work?

Yes! Our parent company ADM Plumbing & Heating can be reached on 01603 958 677.

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